Kimballs Kreations -  Lorraine Kimball
    Who isn't?

    That statement probably won't help by itself, but I can tell you that almost NO ONE is happy with the way they look! We ladies, however, are good about "beating ourselves up" on the topic.

    Make the most of what you have, and realize that now is NOT the time to go on a crash diet in order to lose weight. You are getting married and will be a radiant bride just because.

    Any seamstress or Bridal Store salesperson can guide you in the correct choice of a gown--there is a perfect one for each bride! And...for you non-shoppers out there, it often is the first gown you try on--so, at least try on one.

    Practice positive affirmations while looking at yourself in the mirror. I remember when I was in modeling school one exercise they taught us was to look in the mirror and repeat to yourself that you are beautiful! Start out your wedding day with this thought.

    If you want to do something about your weight after your wedding, I myself am a Jenny Craig graduate and can recommend their program.  I can also recommend a web site .  It is a free service (free is good!).  You provide your email and they send you a daily exercise and a daily recipe.  The recipes are very good and easy to make.  The exercises are good, also, since you pick and choose which ones you want to do.  I think why it works is that it is a daily email reminder.  For those of us who never met a potato chip that she didn't like, daily reminders are good!

    I can also recommend .  I have ordered from this company and the food is really good and convenient.  Often when you are extremely busy and always in a hurry, the problem is not particularly that you are eating too much, but that you are not eating the right things.

    And if you frequent fast-food places, be aware of the calories.  Each of these publish the nutritional content of their meals.  It is a good idea to print these calorie counts and keep them in your car glove compartment so you make a good choice: