Kimballs Kreations -  Lorraine Kimball
    Style of Headpiece and Veil:

    How to Pick a Veil to complement your face and figure:

    Scale is important when considering what kind of veil to buy. The veil should provide a balance to the dress and silhouette; i.e., if you have a small face and small figure, you need a smaller headpiece and veil. (You want people to say, "Here comes the Bride!," and not "Here comes the Veil!")

    The shape of your face is important in considering a headpiece. A small face needs a headpiece designed close to the head to make the face appear larger. Also, wearing hair away from the face will make the face appear larger. A larger face needs a larger headpiece and veil. Headpieces which cut into the forehead will appear to make the face smaller. For a wide jaw, add forehead width. For a jutting jaw, a spray of flowers or pearls will bring attention away from the jaw line. You are trying to make the "perfect oval" face shape by providing balance.

    The style of your dress and your overall figure type will determine the best length for the veil. Choices range from shoulder or flyaway to cathedral which falls about 3 1/2 yards from the headpiece. Elbow or finger-tip lengths are very popular, because you are able to see the detail of the back of the dress.

    Try on many different styles (Preferably while wearing your dress) to see which veil will be perfect for you! Save pictures of what you like and a veil can be made to your exact specifications.