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How to Look Good in Those Pictures!

The following advice is written by my friend, Wendy, who ALWAYS looks good in picures!

You've picked the date, and the flurry of planning the wedding you have dreamed of since you were a little girl has begun! STOP. Have you thought of YOU? Yes, you have thought of the gown, the place, the reception, the flowers, etc., but have you really thought about you. You and the man of your dreams are the important players in this scenario. You both want to look good for that special day. Here's how to do it. Start taking care of your skin, right now. Believe me, that is what is going to shine through on those photos!

Hydrating the skin is where you start. Clean off the grime of the day at night with a cleansing cream, massaging in upward-outward strokes. Rinse the cream off with a wet washcloth and cleanse with a foaming cleanser; and, now, we start the hydration process: Rinse your face 30 times with the hottest water you can stand. This really removes all of the grime that has gotten into your pores!

Blot dry and tone and moisturize your face and neck. Go to bed and sleep sweet dreams. Get plenty of sleep, and don't worry about things! I have sung at innumerable weddings, and believe me the guests don't even realized that flowers are missing! Your guests don't usually care about the wedding cake. I have seen the supermarket cakes in emergency situations and guests didn't realize it!

Now, wake up and cleanse and moisturize your face and neck. Start the day with a smile on your face! Keep smiling
--no wrinkles! :-)

Keep this routine until the day of your wedding. Now, for foundation and color. Remember: Your husband-to-be has picked you. He loves you just the way you are, and doesn't want to be shocked on HIS wedding day--by someone he doesn't recognize! Choose a foundation that is a dry-powder foundation. You can wet it if you choose to give a matte finish and for more coverage. Also, the dry foundation will not get on the back of a tuxedo when you are hugging, kissing, and dancing on your special day. The foundation should be just a little lighter than your natural skintone. It is better to be lighter versus darker, especially for the photos. Cheek color should be a color that brightens your face; you should never have a dirty look. After applying your foundation and cheek color, blend it in with a cottonball. Because you are using a powder foundation, you don't need to apply powder over your foundation and cheek color. Apply your eye color VERY carefully! You don't want to be too dramatic in the daytime--save the dramatic look for the evening wedding when lights are lower. Your lip color should be of the same color-family as your cheek color. The lipstick should brighten your face as well, and show off your brilliant SMILE! Some people recommend lip pencil for keeping that color on longer, but make sure it is not too dramatic (only for evening) and gives a natural look during the day. It should blend with your lip color and not be a separate entity--nothing should detract from your natural beauty!

REMEMBER: Your husband-to-be chose you, and loves YOU just the way you are! Make-up should just enhance your beauty, not over-power it.



If you need some help in what colors to pick visit Catherine's website: .  My friend Catherine has a background in art and is an expert at colors!  She will make you look good!