Kimballs Kreations -  Lorraine Kimball
    You see it everywhere...exercise and eat right!  Must be true!

    Auntie Lorraine has long vacillated between two different thoughts on exercise: 1) Exercise, especially cardio-vascular is of utmost importance to your health, or ... 2) While some exercise is good, you are only given a certain number of heart beats in your life and if you use them up early, you will be "beamed up" way before your time! (Just kidding--I really don't believe this.)

    Be kind to your seamstress!  Do not start on an intensive upper-body workout routine, or you will shrink out of your wedding gown.  No kidding--you will lose sizes.  The most dramatic change I've seen was with a client who lost sizes due to a rowing machine, and had to have her dress taken in again within a week of the wedding.  Avoid the rowing machine!  If you are in a weight-loss mode, have your alterations started closer to the wedding date.  That way, there will be fewer changes needed.

    Eating right is very important.  I also am a firm believer in vitamins to fill in when food doesn't supply all you need.  It is hard to eat right when you are planning for a wedding.  Often, your spare time is taken up by meetings with florists, caterers, photographers, and your seamstress.  Don't get in to the junk food routine, and recognize that soft drinks can add a really "puffy" look to that strapless gown.


    Remember--moderation is the key.  Recognize that this is a very stressful time, and that your body needs all the help it can get!!