Kimballs Kreations -  Lorraine Kimball
How to get into that foundation!

The foundation you choose for your wedding gown is a VERY IMPORTANT decision! You want to select the garment soon after you obtain your wedding gown. or before, if you are having a custom gown made. Both the garment itself and the way you put it on are important. Keep in mind the following things:

The garment itself:

1. Is it comfortable? The boning in these garments can be very uncomfortable. Make sure you can stand the pain for the duration of your wedding celebration.

2. Does it show through your gown? You don’t want to see the boning or lace as bumps once you put your dress on. The trick is to find a garment which “holds you up and in” without showing to the outside.

The way you get into your garment:

1. The goal in wearing the garment is to wear it consistently. This will help with your fittings and ensure that you get the look you want.

2. Start from the top of the garment. Put the bottom of the bra directly under your breasts. Lean forward and hook the first couple of hooks.

3. Push yourself into the bra by lifting the skin under each arm and lift yourself into the bra. You are trying to eliminate any bulges over the top of your bra. Do this step only with the first two or three hooks fastened.

4. Stand up straight and have the rest of the hooks fastened. If the garment is very tight it is easier to fasten the next hook about halfway down the back, then the last hook. That will make the other hooks easier to fasten.

5. After all the hooks are fastened, lift up at the center front of the bra. This will tend to straighten out any boning so that you aren’t being stabbed. Hold on to the center part of the bra with your left hand and the right side of the bra (under your arm) with your right hand and pull sideways so that all of you is in the bra. Do the same thing with the left side (i.e., using your right hand for the center and your left hand for the left side).

6. Check to ensure that the bra is in the correct position, and that you have minimized any lumps or bulges happening at the top of the bra.

And that’s all there is to it!

Remember...after your first glass of champagne you won’t feel any discomfort!